What makes Paper Metal Canvas different is also what makes us an exceptional marketplace. Our artists and designers are at the ready to bring personalized custom art prints to your home at affordable prices. You won’t find what we have to offer in many places, but you will find many artists offering their creative expertise for you all right here. With the utmost modesty, we proudly boast our Top 10:

1. Vetted Artists & Designers

This means that you will always receive the works that you’ve requested and paid for in a timely manner and according to your specifications. All of our artists are vetted for competency, talent, integrity and timely performance.

2. Juried Art Selections

We carefully select our artists and designers based upon their unique styles and integrity. Our goal is to always bring you what is fresh, what is unique and what is beautiful. This means that you will not have to filter through countless pages of erroneously categorized art pieces and like images from competing designers. Over-saturation of a good thing is never a good thing.

3. Cataloged Curated Collections

Our collections are micro-cataloged to help you find just the right work for your kitchen, the office or as a very special gift for Auntie Irma and Uncle Jack. While any piece of art you find at Paper Metal Canvas may be customized to suit any occasion, we also know a thing or two about gift giving and decorating that can help you get in the right direction, faster.

4. Personalization

Absolutely everything that we sell on Paper Metal Canvas may be personalized to suit your occasion, your home decor or your corporate event. Personalizations that include your name, date or city make each piece more meaningful in your home or when given as a very special gift.

5. Ensembles, Sets and Triptychs

We help you put together a room like no one else can! We offer lots of free design templates, example collections and tons of free tutorials on how to bring your colors, events and special people into fabulous collections throughout your home.

6. Approve Before We Print

You will always receive a proof for approval of all custom art before it goes to print, to ensure that you are going to receive exactly what you request. If your proof does not meet your specifications, it will be reworked and you will receive another proof as many times as is necessary, until your art meets your approval.

7. Customized Art

While everything we sell on Paper Metal Canvas may be personalized to suit your occasion, your home decor or your corporate event… much of our art may also be customized in colors or layout to further suit your needs. Every listing clearly defines what may be customized within the art itself, such as colors, layouts or optional features. The fees for common customizations are clearly shown and we encourage you to request a custom quote for any work that may go above or beyond what is illustrated. In some cases, customization is not available and this is also clearly stated in the listing.

8. The Finest Materials

We use only the finest materials for printing your precious keepsakes and masterpieces at Paper Metal Canvas. We go above and beyond what is required to create art that will last a lifetime because we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to share your masterpieces with your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

9. No Starving Artists!

We do not believe in starving artists, anywhere or anyhow. Our artists & designers make a direct profit from their sales here on Paper Metal Canvas. We couldn’t exist without them and we want to ensure they stay well fed. Please, won’t you join us in our efforts? A well fed artist produces much more vibrant art 🙂

10. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind each and every one of our artists & designers and guarantee that your custom art will be made according to your specifications or it will be replaced and shipped for free. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied!”