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Custom Star Maps & Personalized Night Sky Prints

Did you know that custom star maps are truly unique celestial bodies?

Not only do they contain an actual depiction of the night sky as it appeared according to the date and time that you submit, they are also custom to the very location that you were standing in. This means that a custom star map of the night sky on the date of October 17, 2011 in Bloomington, Illinois will be vastly different than a custom star map from Fort Lauderdale, Florida at that very same moment in time. Pretty amazing, huh? That’s what makes them so unique and popular!

Some of the most precious events to depict your night sky prints are wedding days, wedding engagements, new baby births, first homes, a trip abroad, first kisses… and birthday gifts. The only requirement for an authentically made custom star map is that the date is meaningful to you or to your giftee.

Q & A

How accurate are your custom star maps?

Our star maps are accurate! Based on observations by the Hipparcos space-based telescope, combined with math and science, we have the capability of predicting the night sky from any location at any time of day. Pretty amazing, huh?

Can I have multiple star maps on one print?

You sure can. Feel free to peruse our current line of star maps from all designers. You may make your selection from single and multiple star map designs.  

Can I change the text to read something like, “Our first kiss” or “She said yes?”

Your custom star map is 100% personalized for you. Custom star maps can include any text or sentiment you would like. Your celebration, your text, your way.

Can custom star maps be printed on metal, like metal prints? 

Yes, they can! In fact, we are the only marketplace we know of that offers custom star maps on metal. Perfect for a 10 year anniversary gift of tin or just because they’re super cool custom star maps. Custom star map metal prints are truly extra special and make wonderful keepsakes! We also offer our line of star maps as paper prints, framed prints, and canvas prints.

If I don’t know my coordinates, can I still place my order?

Obtaining coordinates for your custom star map is easier than ever before, as most search engines will automatically provide this to you for the asking. But if you’re not sure or if you’re in a hurry, feel free to enter your location city and state into the personalization box and we’ll be happy to fetch those coordinates for you.

Can I special order a different shape for my custom star map?

We always say YES to custom orders! Please feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service staff to request a quote with lead time for your uniquely shaped star map design. You can contact us here.


Paper Metal Canvas is a marketplace of independent artists and designers. We customize everything that is offered in our shops and we offer print services on any medium. Included with every purchase is your option to remove, alter or add text sentiments, select color changes, and request optional layout changes. We believe that in order for it to be a lasting gift, it must be just right for the occasion and for the person who will receive it.

It is customarily accepted – and fully expected – that out-of-the-box artwork is not for the pernickety. Your ideas, revisions and personalizations are always welcome and if we don’t have a standard recourse immediately available, we will offer you optional solutions.