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Why does modern farmhouse style captivate us the way it does?

It’s earthy, yet clean. Authentic and appealing. Makes you feel like you’re planted in your convictions. It’s basic, yet abundant. Rustic, yet stylish. Old school meets contemporary. It’s what we would have chosen for ourselves the first time, if we had the gift of hindsight.

Meet Farm & Faith and their collection of whimsical, modern farmhouse designs. Combining the traditional look of gray and white with a modern spin of trendy, Farm & Faith faithfully turns rustic into refreshing. From the entryway, to the kitchen, to the nursery… you’ll find something perfect your home or to spruce up the home of someone dear.

Any home decor can coexist with a touch of modern farmhouse style. Without needing to actually live in the country, you can easily bring a little bit of down-home into your city life or suburban neighborhood. Adding a touch of modern farmhouse style gently softens the brass and emphasizes the class. It tries its best to make us sophisticated, while letting us keep the fun.

* Please note that by adding modern farmhouse style to your existing home, you will not be required to purchase new furniture, speak with a different dialect or change your taste in music. 

Q & A

Do I need to have white walls to add modern farmhouse style wall decor?
You do not need to have white walls to show off your modern farmhouse style. However, a neutral color palette on the walls would be ideal. If your walls are dark or bold, try balancing out the farmhouse decor with other white and light color accents. Complementing colors for a the modern farmhouse style include charcoal gray, white, steel blue, sage green, beige,  a hint of seafoam, and black.

I really like the ‘Get Naked’ bathroom canvas sign. Is it safe to hang the canvas in the bathroom?
Generally speaking, your canvas is safe to display in the bathroom, as long as it does not sit for lengthy periods of time in complete moisture. If an exhaust fan runs as long as the shower does and the moisture is allowed to clear the room after showers are finished, it should be fine. It’s okay to add modern farmhouse style to the bathroom! Excessive moisture would not be recommended, however.

Can I add my own text across the Highland Cow canvas, even though it doesn’t already have text on it?
Of course. You can add your own text to any design that does or does not already have text incorporated on it. We’re happy to do that… That’s what makes it custom!

We have our own family rules in our house and they’re different than the ones shown in your “Family Rules” sign. Can we change all of them?
You sure can! You can change any text in any artwork to suit you. Your only limitation to text changes is space. And even then, we can often make extended customizations work by tweaking a little of this or that. Your designer will work with you and always provide a digital proof for your review and approval, before your artwork will go to print.

Can I request a font type from one sign and the typography from another sign?
Yes, you can mix and match existing fonts with other existing imagery or typography. There would include an additional layout change fee for this service ($14), which you can select during the ordering process. In the custom notes box, simply include the SKUs for the corresponding requests, so your proof can be properly prepared for you. You can find the SKU for each item either in the title itself or by scrolling down the page to the “Additional Information” section.


Paper Metal Canvas is a marketplace of independent artists and designers. We customize everything that is offered in our shops and we offer print services on any medium. Included with every purchase is your option to remove, alter or add text sentiments, select color changes, and request optional layout changes. We believe that in order for it to be a lasting gift, it must be just right for the occasion and for the person who will receive it.

It is customarily accepted – and fully expected – that out-of-the-box artwork is not for the pernickety. Your ideas, revisions and personalizations are always welcome and if we don’t have a standard recourse immediately available, we will offer you optional solutions.