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What are new home purchase gifts about?

New home purchase gifts mark the very special event of owning a new home and the beginning your new life inside of it. Home closings will always be special because they just don’t happen every day – not to the same person, anyway. The first home purchase can only happen once in a lifetime and subsequent “milestone” purchases are unique in their own right. Make the home purchase special, honor it appropriately, and allow its achievement to adorn your walls with all of the respect it deserves.

In today’s market, amidst the fallout of Covid-19, they say anyone can sell a home. The mere fact that there is a house shortage gives the average homeowner a temporary real estate license. But should you do it? Heck yes. Why? To save thousands of dollars. Also, so you can say you did it – to yourself and to the world. But what if you don’t know the first thing about selling a home? Do it anyway and you’ll learn. If you have a nice home and you’re asking reasonable market rates, you will likely receive offers within a few short weeks of being on the MLS. Maybe even sooner.

This is a subject that is near and dear to this author’s heart. You just don’t want to let the people in the cheap seats call the major shots in your life. You’ve got this. And after you’ve closed, as either the buyer or seller, you’ll take in a deep breath of pride and finality. Then, you’ll decorate.

Whether your new home purchase is the very first or one of many, it will always be a pivoting point in your life. Everything changes for you every day, once you’ve closed on your new home. Even if the new home purchase is within the same city boundaries as the previous home, you’ll still wake to new walls, roam inside of new walls, and end each day gazing at new walls. Your ride to work will be different, your grocery stores may change, your neighbors will certainly change and you may even change the way you park your car.

One sure constant inside of all this change is the way we honor ourselves and our new space. Keep it real. Keep it authentic. Keep it beautifully you.  


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