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Renew Your Vows To Strengthen The Bond

What does it look like to renew your vows? Think of dreamy romantic evenings. Alone time. Wine time. Cell phones turned off time. No one within miles time. Kids are asleep time. Not thinking about work time. Being in the moment time. Taking that postponed honeymoon time. Wishing you had more time…

Considered one of the top romantic ways to celebrate a milestone anniversary, to renew your vows is a deeply affectionate way to reaffirm your commitment and reassure your partner that you still believe, you still love, and you are still all-in this crazy thing called love.

Unlike your wedding day, there are no time honored traditions that dictate how you must, could or should properly renew your vows. This ceremony is completely up to you and it can be as simple or as elaborate as your heart – or your wallet – will allow. 

Perhaps you are one of the couples that did not opt to take a honeymoon on your first time around. If so, to renew your vows now will create the perfect segue to put those romantic travels on the calendar once and for all. Even during COVID, there are a number of creative ways to get away with just the two of you. Vacation rentals on the beach, for example, offer distancing and privacy juxtapose gorgeous sunsets and horizons. Many resorts are offering never before heard of pricing and packages to encourage these private getaways.

Stuck at home amidst COVID restrictions? Try creating a romantic atmosphere to simulate an environment suitable to renew your vows. Decorate your home to remind you every day of the promises you made to one another and the joy it brought into your lives. We know for sure that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but many of us have been tested this past year on how our hearts feel when there is no absence at all. Being human means we falter. It also means we get to find ways to fall back in love again.

Sometimes the words ‘I love you’ simply do not evoke the passion we wish to conjure up.  Wedding vows, wedding readings, renewal promises, first dance songs and love poems are alternative messages of affection and surefire ways to activate the heart quickly. Just like a fragrance can bring us back to the moment we first recognized it, so, too, can the words we expressed to our darling at the moment we promised to stand vulnerable before them and trust they will never let go of our hand or return our heart. 

Words work. They are effective agents of communication that can hurt us, help us, heal us, and even make our head spin. It’s hard to conceive that something so simple and intangible as language – that we can choose to hear or not hear – can either turn our world upside down or confirm all is right in the world. 

I can think of no greater gift than that of your significant human carefully constructing his or her own vows to convey their testament of love, fidelity and devotion to you. And there is no greater way to honor that gift, but to revere the beloved author. 

Try these most loved designs for your next vow renewal or anniversary gift. If your vows are particularly long, try a portrait print with a side design, as they can usually accommodate more text. Generally speaking, the larger your artwork, the more words you can fit. However, you’ll want to keep in mind how your display space may or may not limit you, when deciding the right dimensions for your artwork.