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Family Tree Print

  •    personalized
  •    Size: 8×10 Unframed Photo Paper Art Print
  •    Delivery: Approximately 7 days from proof approval
  •    Created by: Lucky Tusk
  •    Model No. 1199
  •    * This custom proof is provided for your approval before going to print.
Family Tree Print
Given that this a a very practical fit for a couple.  This family tree print is a minimalists design including vibrant watercolor leaves and a heart carved into the trunk.  For one thing the initials of the couple can be placed in the heart as well, not to mention this would make a great gift for any couple, family or friends.   In like manner the simplicity of the design gives off a clarity and calming effect.
Although it would be given as an anniversary gift, it may be hard to surmise from a strangers point of view.  Being that, it just gives a little mystique to the print leaving only the owners of the sign  the warm reason behind the gift. This would be fitting for a couple of any ages, grand parents, parents, aunt and uncle, or even close friends.   With the gift matters and you looking for something from the heart, take your time to find the right gift.   Having it come from the heart will be sure way your feelings are expressed.