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Mentor gift colorful tree personalized

  •    Size: 11 x 14 Unframed Photo Paper Art Print
  •    Delivery: Approximately 7 days from proof approval
  •    Created by: Lucky Tusk
  •    Model No. 1408
  •    * This custom proof is provided for your approval before going to print.
This gift is a kind way to show appreciation for colleagues.  A beautiful and colorful tree on a faux copper background.
This caring sentiment touches the heart.  Specifically intended for the people that have made lasting impressions in our life.
For this reason time and thought are taken out to recognize their influence they had upon you.   As an illustration of your thankfulness,a unique mentor gift,
will above all be received as a gift from the heart.   Generally speaking it is few and far when people take the time to show they care and appreciate the long term aid and help they have received. By all means giving a mentor gift will unique way to share how they helped.  
In reality there are not many people that can affect us a mentor has, for when the opportunity arises and these changes occur it is equally important to recognize those changes and give thanks for the blessing received.  Not only thoughtful and caring but also everlasting. Guidence and help positively affected by their help. There will always be a print to last  a lifetime and  remind them of it.