Marketplace Policies

Marketplace Policies

PMC & Co. guarantees to provide you with what is presented on your final proof, which you’ve approved to go to print. If your art has been lost or damaged in transit, or if we have made a mistake with your approved customizations, we will make every effort to make replacement quickly and promptly at no cost to you.

Every effort has been made to include a detailed description of the quality and printing process for each medium in multiple locations throughout our website. Please take the time to ensure that you understand what you will be receiving. We take great pride in our artwork and specialty printing services; however, if one were to anticipate receiving something other than what we are offering, that would indicate to us that purchase was made without reading the section, About Our Prints.

Your purchase is considered to be a contract to begin services on your custom art work. It is also considered confirmation that you understand and agree to abide by our marketplace policies. You may cancel your order at any time after purchase and before your initial proof has been sent to you. Once your first proof has been sent to you, your order can no longer be considered eligible for cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

Each custom order requires service hours and industry materials, along with packaging and shipping costs. These are non-refundable costs. If it should happen that you are unsatisfied with your custom product because it does not meet your expectations for whatever reason, we will be happy to discuss ways to reprint or rework your design for you. Rest assured that we adhere to quality procedures that ensure only top notch materials, inks and craftsmanship.

All custom artwork is non-refundable.


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