List of Traditional Weddings Gifts by Year

Couples have long turned to a traditional approach for planning their wedding day gift giving. Our artists find that their modern designs juxtapose the traditional gift edicts offer the perfect hybrid for todays unique wedding gift ideas. We invite you to enjoy the freedom of choices, the excitement of innovation and the delight in extraordinary gift giving for your next anniversary or momentous occasion. Have something truly designed just for you on your next anniversary celebration – be it a loved one or your own.

Anniversary by YearTraditionalModernAlternateFlowersStones
1PaperPlasticClocksPansyGold Jewelry, Peridot
3LeatherLeatherCrystal, GlassFuschiaPearls, Jade
Linen, Silk, NylonAppliancesGeraniumBlue Topaz, Blue Zircon
5WoodWoodSilverwareDaisySapphire, Pink Toumaline
6CandyIronWoodCalla LilyAmethyst, Turquoise
7Copper, WoolBrassDesk SetsJack-in-the-PulpitOnyx, Yellow Sapphire
8BronzePotteryLinenClematisTourmaline, Tanzanite
9PotteryWillowLeatherPoppyLapis Lazuli, Amethyst
10TinAluminumDiamondDaffodilDiamond, Blue Sapphire

Once you’ve sailed through through the seven year itch and successfully passed your first decade of bliss, there are numerous ways to celebrate the oncoming double digits. Did you know that the 11 year anniversary incorporates steel and turquoise? We see beautiful anniversaries ahead…

Anniversary by YearTraditionalModernAlternateFlowersStones
11SteelSteelJewelryMorning GloryTurquoise, Citrine
12SilkLinenPearlPeonyJade, Opal
13LaceLaceTextilesHollyhockCitrine, Moonstone, Hawk's Eye
14IvoryIvoryGoldDahliaOpal, Agate, Bloodstone
15CrystalGlassWatchesRoseRuby, Alexandrite
16Silver HollowareSilverIrisSilver Jubilee
17FurnitureShell Roses
18PorcelainFeather FlowersCat's Eye
19 BronzeChili Pepper RosesAquamarine
20ChinaChinaPlatinumDay LilyEmerald, Golden Diamond

On the way toward a quarter century, it may be interesting to note the similarity between the 7 year anniversary gift and the 22nd year anniversary gift.  These two milestones celebrate with copper. Coincidentally, we love how turquoise complements copper, and now the list of possibilities continues to grow.

Anniversary by YearTraditionalModernAlternateFlowersStones
21Brass and NickelIolite
23Silver PlateImperial Topaz
24Musical Instruments2 Dozen RosesTanzanite
25SilverSilverSilverIrisSilver Jubilee
26Pictures26 Fine Chocolates
29 Furniture
30PearlPearlPearlSweet PeaPearl Jubilee
G O O D . V I B E S . O N L Y
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