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Pro Backing Options For Metal Prints

Take your metal prints to the next level with these finished back options made especially for displaying metal art prints. Both functional and beautiful, our signature backing will really level up your presentations for gift giving, thank you awards and commemorative plaques.

Pro Backs: Lightly textured black backing, smooth to the touch and also water resistant. This backing offers both a professional touch. Affixed hanger for wall display. Most suitable for gifts presented to teachers, bosses, doctors and colleagues, etc.

Velvet Backs: An elegant and softer touch. Affixed hanger for wall display.  Most suitable for teachers, mentors, family, mothers, baby, etc.

Deluxe Tabletop Display: Our premium tabletop display option. Affixed hanger for optional wall display. Most suitable for anniversaries, weddings, engagement, holiday, mother, baby, etc.

All displays are available for all metal sizes.  Metal prints with the pro finished back or velvet finished back will be 1/8″ thick. When hanging, they will lay snug to the wall, less approximately 1/8″ for the depth of the hanger.

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